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the20rings || battle for the middle earth || SIGN UP!

Welcome to our very first battle here at the20rings!

The battle will be as any other battle (but with something special) and we hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed planning everything Since we don't know how many people will sign up, the details of the battle will still be a secret until we get a certain number of participants.

The participants will me separated in the different middle earth races, this way we will all have much more fun.

The races are: humans, dwarves, elves and hobbits. (We guessed nobody would be a orc so...). So that is, sign up filling the sign up form provided below, and please make sure you'll be able to participate, in order to enter the different challenges.

Challenges schedule.
-The sign ups will be opened until 2nd December, so the first challenge will be posted the same day.
-The battle will last (for now) one month.
-There will be one challenge each week of December, a brand new challenge with brand new themes and prompts.
-Changes can be made if some participants need a extension (if so please PM me or rebel)
-As said, the details of each challenge will be posted with the challenge, and we'll start the 2nd of December.
-Spread the word! The more the merrier!

Sign Up form.
[click to see]

*please remember that not everyone can be a elve and not everyone can be a dwarf, we'll try to equilibrate the groups so everyone will have the same chances.
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